Limassol Home For Sale

Limassol offers diverse real estate opportunities as the second-largest city in Cyprus. Everyone, of course, wants to buy a luxury home to spend a lavish lifestyle. Remember, your lifestyle depends upon the location where you live. You may be dreaming of living on one of the most beautiful islands, Cyprus. If you’re looking to buy a luxury Limassol home for sale, we can help you explore a wide range of properties to your liking.

Luxury 12-bedroom home or villa for sale in Moutagiaka, Limassol

A luxury sea view property can help you live in style, magnificence, and comfort. One such property is situated close to the coast. This 6-bedroom home for sale is suitable for anyone looking for an investment opportunity in Cyprus. Such a luxury villa can be used as a primary home or as a holiday home.

This luxury home for sale is located in the tourist area of Moutagiaka in Limassol. It is 12 kilometers and 3 kilometers away from the cosmopolitan city center of Limassol and the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea respectively. It is designed to offer all the needs of a large family and modern comfort. This property is one of a kind due to its modern design in Limassol. This luxury property covers an area of almost 660 square meters and offers a large swimming pool and spacious lawn that can appeal to the guests. Attention-to-detail work keeps the house fresh and bright.

3-bedroom home for sale in Apesia village, Limassol

This 3-bedroom home for sale in Limassol is beautifully designed and constructed with attention to detail work. It comprises an office, living room, study rooms, a spacious kitchen, and a bathroom in a semi-basement. There are three bedrooms on the ground floor. This house is fully-furnished with split units, double-glazed windows, and an under-floor heating system. Moreover, the paved backyard offers a breath-taking view of the surroundings.

In addition to buying a home in Limassol, non-EU residents will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence permit in Cyprus. We will happily guide you through the detailed process.

Buying a luxury property in Limassol can offer you a comfortable, luxury lifestyle and breath-taking views of the sea, mountains, and city. For that reason, more and more buyers are attracting to the beauty of Limassol. Home for sale in Limassol is the best real estate opportunity you can ever have in your life. The two discussed properties above are located in the most sought-after areas. There are endless properties for sale in Limassol. Find one and make a real estate investment for a luxury permanent home or a holiday home!