Cyprus flat: Top Things you need to consider

Are you planning to purchase property in Cyprus? Is this new year going to be a year for you to buy your home in the Cypriot Sun? Here we have everything that you must know before buying your flat in Cyprus. 

Why should you buy a flat in Cyprus?

Here are the reasons why investing in a flat in Cyprus is worth considering for you at the present time:

Fastest way to get a European Residency

This is one of the major reasons why you must invest in Cyprus real estate. By investing in Cyprus real estate, you can get European residency and move to Europe with all your protected rights of pension and health with ease. 

Wonderful climate

The Cypriot Sun shines about 340 days a year. More amazingly, in Cyprus there is virtually no crime, no pollution, no vandalism which makes it a highly preferable place to raise your children

Tax heaven

Cyprus is a best tax haven with corporate tax rate of about 12% only. This is the lowest tax rate in the European Union. Due to which international investors are now preferring to buy properties here.

Reasonable pricing

Even though real estate prices are soaring in Cyprus, but houses are still cheaper as compared to other European countries. It is highly possible to find a great flat in Cyprus at a very reasonable price.  

Overall, high living conditions, wonderful climate, numerous blue flag beaches and convenient geographical location make Cyprus an ideal place to buy your holiday home or live to raise your children in a better environment.

Realtor can help you buy profitable properties or flats in Cyprus

Main cities to buy a flat in Cyprus:

Do you want to know the best cities that are preferable to consider when it comes to buy a flat in Cyprus? Here we have enlisted some of the best options for you to consider in this regard:


The stint of Paphos is almost up as a European Culture’s Capital. Due to year-long celebrations here the impact of financial investment will definitely rise. Millions have been spent here on infrastructure projects. Now this can be the best place for you to buy a flat in Cyprus and enjoy a high-quality living standard.


Limassol's port town is enjoying a great proposition’s facelift. With multiple high-rise residential buildings, it can be another best place to buy a flat in Cyprus.


Are you after a bargain property? Head down to Larnaka’s port town. Here you can easily find properties with lower average prices.


Are you more intended towards the city life’s hustle bustle? And also want to keep the beach coast at your arm’s length? Buy a flat in Nicosia and enjoy the best of both worlds here more amazingly.


If you are planning to buy an investment property in Cyprus then heading towards Famagusta can be beneficial for you. Because Famagusta can factor rental income into your calculations with ease.

Tips to buy or rent a flat in Cyprus:

Cyprus has no shortage of flats that you can rent or buy, but it is important to understand the process of investing here first. Overall, the process is simple, but you must understand each step before starting the process.

You can also get bargain properties here. For that you certainly need to make proper research. The best places to buy bargain properties in Cyprus includes Larnaca. 

If you don’t know how to complete the documentation and other investment properties, get help from a professional realtor

From where to buy property in Cyprus

Do you want to make the most out of your flat investment in Cyprus? Realtor can help you to find the best flat or property in Cyprus. It has listed tons of property options.

You can find the one that is more suitable for you and enjoy the best of it with ease