Property Auctions Cyprus

The Realtor Globally platform is able to conduct property biddings clearly with the bidding process for real estate in Greece & Cyprus, and has no authority over forced auctions, which are conducted under a different legal framework and procedure. Our company named “HAND2HAND LTD - Greek Branch” owner of this website and platform, holds a real estate license with AFM number 996975387 and company registration number 396591.

REALTOR is a digital investment platform globally that holds a wide range of properties for auctions in Cyprus. These properties include land, retail, residential, hotels, and offices amongst many others. We have a team of experts who can help you purchase a dream property to your liking. Whether you want to settle in the most beautiful areas for permanent residence or business purposes, we can help you throughout the process from the beginning to the real estate transaction and sale completion.

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus which attracts buyers and investors worldwide. It is one of the best places for buyers who are looking for property auctions in Cyprus. A long-term rental opportunity is a good investment in Nicosia since it is the capital city. The city is full of vibrant nightlife. The multi-culture of the city makes it perfect for buying a property in Cyprus. There are endless property auction Cyprus opportunities. You can find a home, apartment, luxury villa, or an office on our platform through a transparent auction process.

There is a UNESCO World Heritage town, Paphos on the south-western coast of Cyprus. If you desire to live close to the beach and ancient sites of the past, it is the place to look. You can find your dream property in the most sought-after areas in Paphos. This city has everything, from shops, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. Moving to this city with your family can improve your lifestyle. Moreover, it has a top-ranked international school, a brand new hospital, a historic town centre, and high-end shopping malls. What else are you looking for?

Real estate costs on the beautiful island depend on the property and location you choose. You can find a 2-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom apartment at reasonable prices. There are plenty of affordable real estate options in Cyprus. REALTOR is making the real estate transaction process more transparent, easier, and easy for the clients. You can make an informed decision with the legal documentation available on our platform for every property. When bidding on your chosen properties, we will require some detail from you. Our experts are always available to guide you through the property auctions Cyprus.

Everything is available on our digital investment platform, from commercial properties to plots of lands, offices, homes, and apartments. Our platform is accessible online from any location around the globe, which makes it easy for foreigners to look for property auction opportunities in Cyprus.