Covid-19 and Realtor Globally

The physical restriction of personal contact and keeping of the social distances imposed by the present time, due to the measures of prevention and restriction of the Covid-19 virus, must not be an obstacle or cause for brokers, contractors and individuals, not to continue unhindered their work. The Realtor Globally Group provides the resources, means and tools to effectively manage all real estate management activities and is in a proven, effective position to support professionals and individuals, also during this difficult period.

This is because the Realtor Globally Group was created and based, from the beginning, on modern technology and the solutions or facilities it offers. With customer and partners’ service as main pillars, in a modern digital environment and always looking to the future, it created a new world of online real estate promotion. By clearing the reefs of previous years and bringing traditional values to the modern technological age, it managed not only to overcome the difficult era of lock down, but to turn its difficulties and challenges into opportunities to improve its systems and tactics.

Now, as the risk of the virus still overshadows the society and the markets, the Group, following faithfully the instructions of the State and its official bodies, in the context of maintaining social distances and personal responsibility, continues its work, improves its facilities and services and innovates. In particular, already in the last few days, there are two tools in the real estate market which, especially today, prove and highlight the need for the development of remote collaborations and the promotion of online real estate promotion.

The first concerns the “New Buyer Match” and promotes remote broker collaboration. This is a tool which allows each broker, after entering in the corresponding tab the desired property details by the client, to search the lists of brokers of Realtor Globally. Then, after selecting the property that suits the customer’s requests, in an automated way, he has the ability to send a “Cooperation Request”. The second concerns the creation of the mobile application, the realization of which -among other things- was based on the needs of the online promotion of real estate through smartphones (for IOS and Android software).

The age of challenges and all the consequences that the virus has brought and continues to bring, has proved the importance of its proper, comprehensive and targeted internet promotion and “exploitation”. It is true that the possibilities of the internet in combination with the use of the right tools, contribute, so that no project between the Group and partners is marginalized or postponed due to the new conditions. Prospective clients continue their browsing and searches in the lists hosted by the platform, remaining safe, both themselves and their relatives and partner brokers, keeping the necessary distance.

A particularly important point and worth emphasizing is the fact that no settlement between broker and client is neglected due to special circumstances. On the contrary, it has been proven and is being proved in practice, that through the tools and capabilities of the Group’s platform, both the customers and the brokers have everything they need for the smooth conduct of the relevant actions. The customer is able, through easy-to-use filters and search tools, to find the property he wants, to get in direct contact and consultation with the broker -without the need for unnecessary e-mails, unnecessary information and delays, thanks to automated messages- and all this to be done by the distance security and the security of the platform system.

Any further information, detail or explanation, is made via video conferencing, remote presentations and the use of a live camera. Essentially what has been proven and continues to be proven is that the strategy of creating, organizing and managing any platform of the Realtor Globally Group has managed to work and continues to work fully efficiently, under any special conditions and challenges.

The difficult or even special period of Covid-19, in which we are even now, proved to be an important test, which the Realtor Globally Group managed to pass and still pass it with successful results. The Group is fully harmonized and synchronized with the instructions of the Government and relevant agencies and always close to partners, customers and staff.