Why use e-signature for real estate?

E-signature technology can drastically reduce real estate transaction window times, making the process smoother for everyone involved. With digital signatures, secure documents can be authenticated with an electronically compliant version of a handwritten signature in just minutes. As a result, the complex web of paperwork involved in the homebuying process can be simplified and accelerated. By removing clutter from an otherwise tedious task, homebuyers can reap the benefits of a streamlined and secure way to sign their agreements. From quick turnarounds to improved accuracy, it’s easy to see why digital documents are becoming increasingly common when managing real estate deals. Find below the points why real estate agents should use electronic signature.


Secure & Easy Steps

Electronic signatures provide a secure and reliable alternative to pen-on-paper signatures that can be used in commerce, contracts, and other legal documents. The European Union has recognized the value of electronic signatures by approving the eIDAS Regulation (910/2014). This regulation sets a uniform legal framework for the use of such signatures across all EU member states and defines when it is appropriate to use them and who qualifies for their use. The eIDAS regime also defines technical standards for their implementation so that electronic signature validation is carried out reliably and consistently across Europe. The development of electronic signature technology provides numerous benefits in terms of security, convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, traceability, and accuracy.


Close Deals Faster

As an agent, staying ahead of the competition requires savvy business tactics and using online agreements that include electronic signatures is one way to close deals faster. Additionally, these digital documents are easy to integrate into the workflow and provides a secure space for the client’s personal information without any risk of fraud or data loss. The electronic signature feature allows for quicker turnaround on contracts and even cuts time off in-person meetings. Instead of making clients wait and possibly lose their interest, agents are able to deliver a professional experience from start to finish that keeps customers engaged.


Reduced Your Cost

Electronic signatures (e-signatures) are becoming increasingly popular and have revolutionized the way we do business. E-signature technology allows businesses to eliminate the costs associated with printing, shipping, and storing documents while increasing efficiency and accuracy. This means that you can cut hours off your workday by automating your processes, free up resources to work on new projects or initiatives, and speed up customer onboarding. Compared to traditional methods of signing documents, e-signature technology offers a quick and secure way to sign documents digitally. All in all, switching to e-signatures can help save time and money for any business.


Additional Solutions for Agents

InRealtor is dedicated to creating a safe and secure environment for all its clients. As a result, they have incorporated trusted solutions as part of their property bidding platform. Agents now have the assurance of security while they cooperate online, with peace-of-mind that the process can be finalised with an electronic signature found in the final property bidding steps. InRealtor are proud to offer these services to ensure easy and successful transactions for all agents and clients involved.

Electronic signature in combination to property trusted marketplace

Automating the signature process with electronic signatures has been a great time-saver for agents, but it does not automatically make all of the necessary tasks related to listing preparation and management simpler. Now, agents have the option to make use of InRealtor.com tools that can simplify these processes and insure their listings are securely placed in a trusted marketplace with viewing confirmation agreements signed through electronic means. This fantastic suite of tools is sure to save time and help streamline an agent's workflow so they can focus on what matters most: providing great service to clients.

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