Automated Value Model (AVM) based on location and property type

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City Average price Trough-current Peak-current Last 12 month Last 3 month Last month Year on year
€ {{ cityDetails.average_price.toLocaleString() }} {{ cityDetails.trough_percentage }}% {{ cityDetails.peak_percentage }}% {{ cityDetails.last_12_months_percentage }}% {{ cityDetails.last_3_months_percentage }}% {{ cityDetails.last_1_month_percentage }}%
{{ selectedCity.title }} € {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.average_price.toLocaleString() }} {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.trough_percentage }}% {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.peak_percentage }}% {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.last_12_months_percentage }}% {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.last_3_months_percentage }}% {{ tableData.result.group_full_city_data.last_1_month_percentage }}%

Realtor Globally Price Indices are provided for information purposes only. While we make every effort to ensure our indices are as robust as possible we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Realtor Globally shall not be liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from inaccuracy or incompleteness of the data or any decision made in reliance upon the data.


Last Month

Average price is:

€{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_1_month.toLocaleString() }}

Average percentage is:

{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_1_month_percentage }}%

Last 3 Months

Average price is:

€{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_3_months.toLocaleString() }}

Average percentage is:

{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_3_months_percentage }}%

Last 6 Months

Average price is:

€{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_6_months.toLocaleString() }}

Average percentage is:

{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_6_months_percentage }}%

Last 12 Months

Average price is:

€{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_12_months.toLocaleString() }}

Average percentage is:

{{ selectedCityForChart.details.last_12_months_percentage }}%

At the moment we do not have any results on the given property type or location. We are working on improving our database. Kindly select some other property type or location.

AVMs Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Property market valuation report for the region {{ currentCity.title }}, {{ currentCountry.country_name }} concerning {{ currentPropertyType.label }} for the current month {{ currentMonth }} {{ currentYear }} and the past 12 months period.

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